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Vignan's Nirula institute of technology and science for women, Pedapalakaluru, Guntur-522 005 is one of the eight engineering colleges of vignan. The primary motive of Vignan Nirula is to "train young women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information". The Institute is a dream come true of its founder Dr.L.Rathiah - an eminent educationalist who has reengineered the plus two education in Andhra Pradesh state.

Directed by the vision and mission, Vignan, after careful study of the contemporary trends, entered the arena of engineering education in the year 1997 by establishing the first Engineering college under the Vignan umbrella, Vignan's Engineering College at Vadlamudi near Guntur. Within no time, students started opting for this college during counseling preference to colleges established 10-12 years earlier. The second engineering college under the Vignan banner, Vignan Institute of science and technology was established in 1999 at Deshmukhi near Hyderabad.

The third engineering college under the vignan group, Vignan's Institute of information technology was established at Duvvada, near Visakhapatnam in the year 2002.

The fourth engineering college in the Vignan family, Vignan's LARA institute of Technology was established in 2007 at Vadlamudi near Guntur.

Vignan group established four more engineering colleges in the year 2008 at Visakhapatnam, Guntur and Hyderabad. This Vignan's Nirula institute of technology and science for women is the nearest engineering college to the Guntur city with all the required facilities.

It is sure that Vignan's Nirulal symbolizes the maturing of Indian technical ability and "can-do" entrepreneurial spirit, especially as derived from the private sector.


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