Scientists discover the world that exists; Engineers create the world that never was." - Theodore von Karman (1881-1963)....

Electrical engineering in all its guises is both essential for the future and rewarding for those involved. Opportunities abound for those interested in throwing themselves wholeheartedly at it.

Electrical engineering is a profession that uses science, mathematics, computers and other technologies coupled with problem solving skills to design, construct, develop, analyze and maintain products, services, and information systems. Electrical engineers are employed in communications, aerospace, computer, electrical power, medical, semiconductor, and consumer electronic industries. They also play crucial roles in major emerging technologies, such as wireless internet, optical communications; and mapping of the human genome. Diversity and flexibility are the words that best describe electrical engineering. Electrical engineering positions show remarkable diversity in comparison to other engineering fields and in comparison to other careers.

Just over a century old, electrical engineering has done more to transform what we think and experience in everyday life than any other science. From the practical to the fantastic? Electronic devices, systems, and networks infuse the world with information, vision, control, and sensation. Electrical engineering can be seen as the most specific of fields, because it derives its principles from the immutable laws of physics, and yet it can also be seen as the most varied, because those with knowledge of electrical engineering practices find the real-world applications to be limitless. In all, the ubiquitous relevance of electrical technology makes an electrical engineer indispensable.

To this end it is the purpose of the Department Of EEE, VIGNAN NIRULA to provide students at all levels with the highest quality preparation for successful professional careers. It seeks to contribute to the expansion and responsible application of knowledge to the benefit of society. Our relentless pursuit of these goals will fulfill our vision of shaping our undergraduates into critical, original and independent thinkers sufficiently equipped with the necessary tools to venture out into the practical world with professional competency.

Our electrical laboratory is as per the standards of JNTU regulations with all necessary equipment.