About Department


  • Empowerment of women towards the growing challenges in the country


  • To improve the overall personality of the students
  • To work for college- industry interface
  • To organize seminars of state and national level
  • To develop the faculty through training programs

MBA program enables the students in learning a high level, specialist qualification and in acquiring a skill set and expertise useful in any business environment.

The Department through a planned schedule organizes seminars, symposia, work shops, guest lectures, Industry tours and personality development programs for the benefit of both the students and the faculty. These activities help the students in learning latest management concepts, industry updates, acquiring soft skills and overall development of the student personality suitable for the industry.


  • To provide tools for decision making in a business world of complex business issues and problems.
  • To give organizational skills for policy implementation.
  • To ensure to give a global perspective on organizational strategies.
  • To develop teamwork, Leadership and communication skills.
  • To synthesize, analyze and integrate the knowledge across the organization.
  • To give sense of social responsibility and an understanding of ethical standards.s