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About Department

A vibrant group of young and senior faculty who are well trained on student centric methods of teaching-learning.Recognising the need for a strong foundation in Maths and Sciences for a better understanding of engineering, the department teaches the basic sciences with a particular emphasis on engineering applications. The staff adopt innovative teaching methods for developing concepts that find frequent applications in pursuit of mastering engineering core knowledge and specialisations. The concepts are further strengthened in laboratory courses. Spacious classrooms provide the most conductive environment for dynamic and focused discussions, cutting edge learning tools.

In addition to their excellent teaching, faculty members are actively involved in molding the minds of young engineers. Systematically trained to act as philosophers, guides and friends to support students all aspects with care and concern.

A good number of faculty are Ph.D. & M.Phil. holders and actively involved in high level research. The faculty have authored books and published papers. The department is engaged in the development of a strategic plan for continuing faculty growth by organizing various faculty development programs, orientation programmes & Effectiveness Programmes for students.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Keeping in their pre-employment needs and career requirements the department is working hard for enhancing student's communication skills and soft skills along with interpersonal skills. We encourage every student to enhance their skill of English by qualifying in PET & BEC Cambridge University Certificate Examination Courses. Public speaking, facing interview, group discussion and other soft skills are additionally imparted to the students.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: Development of right attitudes, balanced behavior and team spirit and good communication to transform the students into innovative and dynamic professionals.

Students are given ample opportunities to explore creativity and personality to blossom. We encourage every student to participate in various activities beyond classroom to develop leadership and life skills.

Continuous counseling & mentoring by the teachers on academics, emotional or personal issues to put them in the right mood to receive the instructions with a positive mind and make them competent professionals. Apart from the normal teaching, remedial teaching is equally necessary to bring all the students to a minimum uniform level of learning.

Vision and Mission


The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities aspires to achieve excellence in teaching and training the young engineering students in the areas of basic sciences and humanities through outcome based quality education and nurture them to emerge as better professionals and responsible citizens.


The mission of the department is to offer courses that aim to strengthen the students’ creative and critical thinking, problem solving abilities, communication skills and familiarize them with recent trends in technology for better employability opportunities/career prospects.

PEOs, POs and PSOs

Programme Educational Objectives

PO1. Engineering Knowledge:PEO1. The Graduates will have sufficient technical knowledge to enter in high technology workforce, and make significant contributions to Computer Science and Engineering. PEO2. Prepare graduates for professional career in computer science and multidisciplinary environments, through the research, design and development of a wide range of applications, which helps further the state's economic growth by developing innovative ideas, and translating them into commercial products that benefit society. PEO3. To pursue lifelong learning through, professional training and membership in professional societies and to be a effective communicator with non-technical stakeholders in computer and software systems development, maintenance and administration.

Program Outcomes

PO1. Engineering Knowledge: To develop high quality, professionally groomed engineering manpower through the exploration of ideas, their interpretation, application and dissemination of knowledge.

Scope of the Department


The department teaches and promotes practical aspects of Basic Sciences and Humanities to build a solid foundation as part of the Engineering Education. The department prepares students for core engineering branches by educating them in the basic sciences of physics, chemistry and mathematics in the first year B.Tech. course.

The faculty members of the department have always endeavored to provide the best in terms of knowledge and skill.

The unique strength of the department is its excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities.

Excellent academic performance through result oriented teaching learning process and well defined testing and evaluation system

Availability of well-established and adequately equipped laboratories and classrooms.

Value based education to the young minds through effective counseling process which is carried out with the support of concerned faculty and parents.

Foundation for the Future.

Transition phase : adolescent to adults

Transforming period : general education to professional education

Tuning knowledge : theoretical concepts to pragmatic concepts

Above all : changing from a passive and monotonus environment to an active, creative, innovative and learning environment.

The teaching-learning system

  • Need-based & student-centered Instruction

  • Objective based teaching & Outcome based testing.

  • Applying pedagogic skills to optimise learning.

  • Performance analysis and remedial instruction/counseling.

  • Feedback analysis to overcome teaching and learning barriers.

  • Detailed lesson planning before instructional delivery.


Short-Term Goals

  • Stress on fundamentals, adopting appropriate methods of teaching, making instructions interesting through real world examples, ultimately preparing students with knowledge, skills and positive attitude

  • Strong and comprehensive knowledge base, with an outcome of not less than 90% success (pass percentage) in the Semester Examinations.

Long-Term Goals

  • To impart academic excellence in science and technology by giving quality education with moral values for the overall personality development of young girls.

  • To shape the student into well groomed, vibrant and successful world-class professionals.

  • To maintain consistent track record in upholding university top position in academic results.

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